Aerospace Engineering 508
Optimal Space Trajectories
Spring 2016

  • Instructor: Prof. John E. Prussing
    Office: 319a Talbot Lab
    Phone: 333-8231
    Office Hours: Tu W Th 2–3:30 F 2–3

  • Course Outline

    Midterm Exam: Friday, March 11, 1–2 pm in Rm 410C1 EH

    Final Exam: Friday, May 6, 9–11 am in Rm 410C1 EH

  • Grading:
    Midterm Exam counts 40%
    Final Exam counts 40%
    Homework counts 20%.
    Homework is assigned approximately weekly and is due at the beginning of the class period.
    A late penalty of 10% per calendar day will be assessed.
    Plus/Minus grades are used

  • Homework

  • Textbook

  • Lectures

  • Book Chapters and Handouts:

    Longuski Guzman & Prussing_Chapter3
    Longuski Guzman & Prussing_Chapter10_corrected
    Longuski Guzman & Prussing_Section6.3
    Longuski Guzman & Prussing_Section7.2
    Longuski Guzman & Prussing_Errata
    Prussing & Conway_Chapter8
    P&C Fig.8.1 A Potential Energy Well
    P&C Fig 8.2 Three Example Potential Energy Functions
    Optimal Linear Impulsive
    Optimal Cooperative Impulsive Terminal Maneuver
    Second-Order Jacobi Condition Test


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