AE 508 Catalog Description:

Optimal rocket trajectories in inverse-square and linearized gravitational fields; orbital transfer, intercept, and rendezvous; high-thrust (impulsive) and low-thrust (continuous) trajectories; primer vector theory and applications; cooperative rendezvous; second-order necessary and sufficient conditions for optimal control problems. Prerequisite: credit or concurrent registration in AE 504. 4 hours.

Orbital maneuvers and rocket dynamics
Review of Optimal Control Theory
Cost functionals for optimal trajectories
First-order necessary conditions for optimal low-thrust (continuous) trajectories
The primer vector and aspects of linear system theory
Necessary condition for optimal high-thrust (impulsive) trajectories
Optimal trajectories in linearized gravitational fields
Maximum number of impulses and sufficient conditions for linear problems
Cooperative rendezvous
Second-order necessary conditions and sufficient conditions for optimal control problems